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November 15th, 2023 - Message of Our Lady and Saint Joseph in Jacarei

Message of Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace - Jacareí - SP - Brazil - to the Seer Marcos Tadeu Teixeira

Message of Our Lady

My children, I come through my servant to give my message to all humanity.

I am the Mother of Prayer, who always repeats the same song: Pray, pray, pray!

Pray with your heart. Pray for peace!

Only in deep prayer can you have a true encounter with God, who will fill your souls with peace and joy and this peace will overflow to the entire world.

Now, Satan has truly managed to drag all of humanity behind him into evil, into darkness, into vices. Only a great strength of prayer can still save so many souls that are already prisoners of his hands. Therefore, little children, I say to you: pray my Rosary even more intensely!

Pray without ceasing, because only with the Rosary can this sick world be saved. Keep praying for peace. I am the mother who does everything for her children, but I demand, I demand that you take my messages seriously! Obedience, love and, above all, I demand fidelity, without which you will not be able to remain in my grace and in the grace of God. Pray, pray, pray! I bless everyone, especially you, my little son Marcos, the most dedicated, the most hardworking of my children.

Today, because of the Meditated Rosary 222, I pour out my graces of love on you copiously and I will also pour out these graces on the souls that you in your heart choose. Thanks to you, my Meditated Rosary is prayed with love for my children and the flame of faith remains alive and in the end faith will triumph. Thanks to you, thanks to the Hours of Peace that you created, my children truly have an encounter with me, they know me, they love me, they despise vices and the world and prefer my love. And in these children who do this, my Immaculate Heart wins. I bless everyone: from Lourdes, from Pontmain and from Jacarei.

Message of Saint Joseph

I, Joseph, your father, ask you: continue to pray my hour every Sunday. I love you all, the peace of Jesus. I bless you all.



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