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Messages of Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace | Jacareí - SP - Brazil

Since Februray 7th, 1991, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Most Holy Mary, Saint Joseph , the Holy Ghost, the Eternal Father, Angels and Saints have been appearing daily in Jacareí, São Paulo, Brazil, at 6:30PM (Brasília time). Our Lady introduces herself as Queen and Messenger of Peace and makes one last call to conversion, through a young man: Marcos Tadeu, who in the beginning of the Apparitions was only 13 years old. They are the most intense Apparitions in the history of Brazil, and Most Holy Mary says that they are the last Apparitions for Humanity.

In this post, we will provide some messages from heaven given in Jacareí Apparitions.

Marcos Tadeu

Seer Marcos Tadeu Teixeira


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Message of The Most Holy Mary Queen and Messenger of Peace

“Dear children, today I call each and every one of you to open again your hearts by the prayer to My Flame of Love.

My children, the only way to receive My Flame of Love is truly causing your hearts to expand every day by more prayers, sacrifices, meditations and penance.

My Message of Fatima was not obeyed and that is why My Apparition in Fatima cries out for reparation. And what is the reparation that I wish? That you divulge My Messages as soon as possible, to make reparation to My Apparition in Fatima by giving My Warnings to all My children.

So that all humanity can finally give the Lord its positive response of conversion and change of life. And to give My Mother Heart finally the 'yes' that since hundred years ago, I expect of humanity: the yes to the Rosary, the yes to the conversion, the yes to the repentance of the sins, the yes to the penance.

If you finally attend to My Message of Fatima, My Immaculate Heart will quickly triumph and the world will then finally be liberated from the oppression of Satan and a new time of love, justice, holiness, peace will take over the earth.

Now you must prepare yourselves, for the great apostasy of the Church. Truly, now the persecution of all that is holy and sacred will happen. The love to Me will be denied, the love to My manifestations and Apparitions will be denied, the truth of My Apparitions will be denied in many places.

Many will be deceived by the sect, and will truly walk away from the path of prayer, penance, conversion where they were before thanks to My Messages, many will lost themselves.

The apostasy will take over from above to down on the humankind, Satan will thereby feel itself the victor, but, in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. And here where My Heart worked so much in the person of My little son Marcos to give the world these films that make the hearts of My children glow with the truest and living flame of love of My Heart.

Here, in My invincible fortress of love, faith and prayer, My Immaculate Heart will act mightily. And through here My mystical light will radiate and will make a small remnant remain faithful to prayer, to the Rosary, to penance, to conversion as the saints lived as the saints did.

And this little rest, truly, with their prayers will save to many and will prepare the world for the coming of My Son Jesus and the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

Truly here, My Flame of Love will never be erased because in the person and work of My little son Marcos, this flame will continue to communicate to the hearts that believe in My Apparitions here and to let themselves be led smoothly through It by the road of prayer, conversion and penance.

And thus, truly My Flame of Love will triumph, will blind Satan and paralyze him, and will throw him forever into the infernal abyss from which he will never get out.

You must be the resistance, you must be My army that resists the army of satan, the army of the infernal serpent. So, stay all together WITH THE CAPITAIN THAT I RAISED UP AND HAVE GIVEN TO YOU, MY LITTLE SON MARCOS. Continue to divulge My Messages as he does, praying My Rosary as he does, defending and speaking about My Apparitions as he does.

And so, My children, you will truly help Me to defeat My enemy's army once more with the mighty prayer of My Rosary and with My Messages of Love, which are despised by the proud, but for the humble who meditate upon them, they are Extraordinary.

To all I do bless now with love from Lourdes, Fatima and Jacareí.

Keep praying My Rosary every day, because it is the sure and invincible weapon of victory. Continue divulging My Apparitions and make the cenacles and prayer groups everywhere, for the salvation of many souls."

Jacareí, 8 October 2017 Message of The Most Holy Mary Queen and Messenger of Peace

"...Now that arrived the week of the Jubilee of the 300 years of the encounter of my image in my beloved Rio Paraíba, I invite all of you to again meet me no more in Rio, but in your hearts. My children: Pray, pray, pray until you find me again in your hearts! Pray until prayer becomes a joy for you! Pray until that truly prayer becomes a true encounter of you with me! Pray, until finally I can appear in your hearts, I.e., that I can again enter into your hearts, reign in your hearts and finally lead you all to God and for holiness. I want to be again the Aparecida, no longer in the waters of the river, but in your hearts through prayer and the experience of my messages. Therefore, pray and meditate My Messages all over again, until finally I can appear in your hearts. Or, could again find me with you in the depth of your hearts, immersed in prayer and can make new miracles in your souls, in your lives and through you in the lives of all my children. So, as I gave the blind girl the grace of vision, I want to give you in my Jubilee in the grace of vision of spiritual vision, the vision of the soul which will make you able to see: the greatness of God, the beauty of God, the holiness of God, the love of God. So that you despise worldly things and your willingness and prefer God and His holy will.

Pray the Rosary every day, so that I can give you the grace of this vision, which will allow you to discover the beauty of God, delighting in God, love for God and finally give your lives to God. Then, My Heart will triumph and Brazil and the world will know a new age of holiness that I wait, and pray that come forward. And then, finally, the purpose of my manifestations in Aparecida, here and in all other places will be fulfilled: to bring all my children to full knowledge of truth and love, which is God.

And then, all finally be freed from sin and saved by the truth and love that is God. True freedom is to love God and live only in God! I bless you all with love and especially to you my beloved Marcos, who throughout his life has always honored me and always disclosed all My manifestations. including the one in the Aparecida, explaining to my children the true meaning, the sense of my miracles and wonders that happened there. So all then, finally, can understand the silent message that I came to bring in that place through my works and miracles. And so, all hearts always correspond more to My Mother's design of love plan, and the plan of the Heavenly Father, who chose this Vale do Paraíba, who chose this blessed land of Aparecida and Jacareí to throne of my grace. And the place where finally My Immaculate Heart will triumph in the heart of my children and I will prepare all for the return of My Son Jesus. Therefore, I returned here in Jacarei to finish the plans started 300 years ago and to give my Lord a new humanity composed of children set on fire with love for him, flames true love, full of filial love that will give him the perfect worship and the perfect love of all children.

To You beloved son Mark, my great knight, My incessant flame of love. And also to you my beloved Carlos Tadeu that both loves me and works and fights for me. To you that once more yesterday made cenaculum, prayed a Rosary before my Blessed enthroned image in the square of Ibitira. To you that haven't measured efforts to make me become more known and loved, worthy father of a worthy son to you given by me. To you dear son, Knight of my heart and my hope, My consolation and joy. Mom also blesses you and embraces you now. And also bless all my beloved children from Lourdes, Aparecida and Jacareí."

Jacareí, 15 november 2011 Message of The Most Holy Mary - Feast of the Revelation of the Holy Face of the Most Holy Mary in Jacareí - SP - Brazil

"My Dear Children, today when you celebrate the Feast of MY MATERNAL FACE, the face that I have given to you, which I have revealed here in 1994, and is a special gift from My Heart to all of you, I invite you to lift up your gaze to My maternal gaze to leave yourselves, to comfort, soothe, pacify and love by Me My gaze at this photo that I have given, of My Maternal Face to you is a special gift is a muff of my Immaculate Heart to comfort you in these difficult times in which you live, of the apostasy, of the rebellion of humanity against God, and a so great a violence, injustice and a lack of love, that now dominate the entire earth.The times are bad and that is precisely why, because My true little children, the children of My Immaculate Heart, faithful to My Messages, were suffering so much and would suffer a lot over the years, it was precisely of this, which I have given this My miracle Face that through the contemplation of My maternal gaze, maternal smile, My children could feel my love, feel my goodness, feel my peace, and get from My gaze all the love and all the consolation that need in the midst of so much suffering that they have to pass and bear, everyday, at this time of great apostasy...

Turn back your gaze to My maternal gaze for, my children, so I can, in your hearts to heal all the wounds that Satan opened. All that blows that across the world in you, in your souls, he have struck. So that I can give you joy, peace of my Immaculate Heart, so that you do not lose heart in suffering, do not park in front of the difficulties, that you so often seem impossible to overcome and win. But for you my children, more can always go ahead, take the path that I have pointed out here, over the years and which I called you, the way of holiness, so do not stay stuck in your path of sanctification, but as did the Saints, may all the days grow ever more, ever more progress in spiritual perfection, and to help all souls to sanctify themselves also for the greater glory of God.

Turn back your gaze to my Maternal gaze, who at the photo of My Face, My maternal face revealed here, sends you all the peace of which I am full and fraught. So that I can pour in your souls a River Peace, and the river through you can run through the crowd, at this time, full of hate, full of violence and evil, and can thus, make the world, a cold desert, arid, cold and unloving God into the Holiness Garden, of Love to the Lord, faithfulness to His commandments, and peace where all hearts love God, serve God and are My true and obedient children.

If you My children help Me, if You replied to my call, if you answered yes to everything that I have asked in My Messages, you will reflect this beauty, this sweetness, the softness and grace that this miracle in My Face that I have given here so many years ago, I show you, I reveal to you. You will be a copy of My Holy Face, you will have a similar beauty, and everyone seeing My beauty reflected in you will also want to love the Lord, love to Me, in order to be beautiful as I am beautiful, to be beautiful, as you are beautiful!

In the world, there is nobody who does not want to be beautiful! When souls realize, seeing the reflection of the Beauty of my maternal Face in your souls, in you, they all will want to be beautiful as well as I, like you! And then we'll destroy the ugliness that the devil put in this world and introduced through sin, violence, addictions, and rebellion against God and His Law of Love which he dismissed all humanity lately. And this ugliness will finally be overcome by the beauty of Love! By the Beauty of My Immaculate Heart that made Me so beautiful and so pleasing to God!

Continue praying the Rosary, praying all the prayers that I have given to you here. So that, My children, the world can be transformed from an ugly swamp of sin, unbelief and darkness, of rebellion to God, into the beautiful garden of love and faithfulness to the Holy Trinity. Here in My Jacareí Apparitions, where I gave so many treasures, where I gave one of the greatest gifts of My Heart, that is I Myself photographed and revealed to you, who both favored to you My children, I ask today: More love and correspondence to my Immaculate Heart! Together, day after day, walk together the path of love, prayer and holiness that soon, the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart will take place and my beauty, My maternal beauty will finally annihilate face the ugliness of the face of satan and sin, freeing everyone from their tyrannical slavery.

To all in this time, I do bless generously, from Kerizinon, from San Damiano, and from Jacarei... The Peace My children! The Peace to you Marcos! The most darting of My children! To whom I gave, as to few mortals, the grace of to possess My Immaculate and Holy Face..."



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